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Top 4 Best Fashion Trends For Women In 2016


At present, the fashion world is not just confined to the celebrities and the runway models. Even the common people have been exposed by the media to this world of fashion. Newspapers, television and the Internet have exposed individuals to the constantly changing fashion trends which are getting updated every year. Ladies from every corner of the world imitate the designs made by the top-notch designers. As a matter of fact, fashion gets updated every season. In this article, we will take a look at the top 4 fashion trends for the females in 2016.

1. Long Vests

The long vests are ideal for the pre-fall season since this particular time of the year is best for outerwear which you are so fascinated about. Long vests, an alternative for the blazers and jackets of the 70’s, have a slimming effect on your body, particularly while left unbuttoned. You can wear them in late summer in September revealing the bare arms along with a pullover while it gets chillier or can also use them for a layered appearance.

2. Cape

The cape is perfect to beat the biting winter cold in an elegant way. This apparel resembles a poncho very closely and is also flexible enough to easily beat any other form of winter dressing. You might wear it with both the sides up or down, and it will still match with any other winter piece such as above-the-knee boots as well as pajamas. The cape will look best when you choose neutral colors.

3. Gypset

It is one of the most fashionable outfits for women in 2016 and one must not miss it in her wardrobe. A gypset is undoubtedly enjoyable and sophisticated which had its origin in the ’70s. Spice up your evening wardrobe with a dash of exoticism and vibrant color. Oriental-inspired accessories, layered tunics along with Aladdin pants and bold floral designs will definitely jazz up the look.

4. Trucker Jackets

The trucker jackets are a must-have this particular year in case you are trying to add something to the wardrobe which is affordable for you and can be worn during any month of the year. The denim jackets look awesome on virtually any occasion, and can be worn easily under a layer creating a wonderful fashion statement. You may wear it along with a pair of denim jeans or even khakis which will speak volumes of your fashion sense. Otherwise, it is also possible to wear it like a shirt. The choice is entirely yours. This particular jacket is definitely super-versatile and is a must for your clothing collection.