The True Difference Between a Pressure Cooker And a Canner


What is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is a cooking device that is sealed that cooks food by using steam pressure. Pressure cooking is the official term. A French inventor named Denis Papin created the first cooker in the year 1679. This cooker was called the steam digester at that time. Mr. Papin was a physicist.

What is a canner?

A canner is similar to a pressure cooker with a few differences. One of the differences if that the canner is much larger. The reason for this is the canner is made to hold jars with food like pickles or jellies. Mason jars are most commonly used in canners because of the thickness of the jars. Thinner jars can explode under pressure.

The canner method is really made to preserve food. There is a pressure gauge that is attached to the lid to monitor pressure. This cooker can be used to cook just about anything wanted in food.

A pressure cooker is not to be used as a canner.

One of the most important things that the canner is trying to do is to reach botulinum cook of 121 degrees Celsius around a three minute time period.

Botulinum cook is done to stop the botulinum spores from surviving. If this is not done, chances of botulism can occur. This is very critical when it comes to meats. Cooking roasts is a more common food cooked in the pressure cooker.

A canner is basically a two in one cooking tool.

A pressure cooker is sealed tighter than a canner.

A canner is better for foods that are lower in acid content.

There are electric pressure cookers that you can set to low or high pressure. These cookers have a timer on them. We recommend you to read the best pressure cooker reviews to know more facts about this kitchen appliance. There are also electric canners.

The electric cooker and canner is a more precise in the duties that they perform. The canner can be looked at like a smart pressure cooker.

You use the stove top to heat up the non-electric cooker. The canner has racks that can hold the jars that you are canning.

The size of the two different cookers varies. The canner quart capacity size can range from 16 to 22 quarts.

A cooker quart capacity can go from 4 to 21 quarts. There are several brands of pressure cookers and canners. Price ranges can go from $49 to $200 dollars. Canning has made a comeback.